Benefits of Cloud Based ERP Software for eCommerce Companies

June 14, 2021
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Benefits of Cloud Based ERP Software for eCommerce Companies


Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Cloud-Based ERP Software

In a world ravaged by the impact of a global pandemic an increasing number of businesses have been leveraging the power and flexibility of the web. 

For some businesses there may have been only minor changes such as sending purchase orders by email or EDI, others may have been forced to conduct company meetings via Zoom, to present sales proposals remotely, or to reach prospective new customers and to continue relationships with existing customers via a webstore. 

For sure, things have been changing at an exponential rate. Industry analysts project that the momentum of these changes will only increase in the coming years and we’ll continue to see adoption of new platforms as a normal means of doing business with our valued clients. 

As consumers and customers, we expect that it should be easy to source the services or products we need for our businesses and it’s a barrier to us if our intended vendor cannot provide the experience we expect. To be well positioned for growth a modern business needs to have not just a strong customer facing web presence but also an integrated ERP solution that guarantees the ability to easily receive orders, ensure that the products and services are available when needed and can be delivered to the customer/client in a timely and efficient manner. 

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of cloud based ERP software and explain why businesses with an eCommerce strategy should adopt an integrated ERP platform to support their customer experience. 

Benefits of ERP Solutions for eCommerce Companies

It might seem surprising that businesses conducting business via eCommerce are often slow to adapt to new technologies that change the way they do things. Perhaps there is reluctance to invest in back office systems when so much money has been spent creating that webstore that feels just right. 

Or, maybe businesses don’t understand that the buying experience is not just about the webstore but about the ability of the business to fulfil the orders received, accurately, in a timely manner. Without an integrated ERP/webstore combination the cost of processing an order received over the web can be as expensive (if not more) than taking an order by phone. 

To position your business to succeed make sure your company takes advantage of all of the benefits integrated cloud based ERP software has to offer. 

Connected Systems 

Acumatica ERP is a cloud based platform with prebuilt native integrations to some of the largest webstore providers that exist today. 

Such integrations guarantee that when your customers are looking to make a purchase via your webstore they will see accurate pricing information for their location (or for their account if they are an existing B2B customer). 

You will not have to manage your webstore inventory items, pricing, photos, description or availability separately. This data is seamlessly exposed to your webstore, while being maintained in a single place (where it belongs), in your Acumatica ERP software.  

When everyone has access to the same data and can view it together in real time, it opens the door to new opportunities. 

Real Time Data 

Cloud based ERP software updates data in real time. The second that the data is created, you have it at your fingertips. 

Orders placed via the webstore are immediately visible in Acumatica ERP, online payments are processed where necessary and notifications are pushed to staff members and the customer confirming the order has been received. 

Shipment details are seamlessly transferred back to the webstore updating the order status and notifications are emailed or pushed to the customer.

It is not required to rekey orders into your ERP system, risking human error from transposing product numbers or pricing, or to depend on clunky and oftentimes unreliable import of data from the webstore. Nor is it required to log into the webstore and to update the tracking information from the shipment, or not bothering to do so because you’re too busy, and then having to field calls from customers checking on order statuses. 

An integrated ERP solution from Acumatica ERP provides you with the extra pairs of hands you need to seamlessly provide excellent customer service and to keep your systems in sync real time.

At Bakerfield Solutions we know this will change the way you run your business. Managers will have access to more data to run the business at a strategic level rather than at an operational logistics level and will have automated insights via dashboards and reports to make quick, yet well-informed decisions. It is repeatedly proven that these solutions make companies more efficient, locking in profits and accelerating growth. 

Mobile Accessibility 

The cloud has taken over the way we do business. Industry 4.0 is upon us and you need to be able to access your data and make decisions at any given moment. Cloud based ERP software allows you to do that by giving you mobile access. 

Since Acumatica ERP is designed and built for the cloud, you can access your critical business information anywhere there is internet access.

Use your phone, tablet, or computer wherever you please to stay connected and informed at all times. 

Increase Productivity and Streamline Operations

With Acumatica ERP, companies are able to schedule and automate time consuming day to day tasks such as creation of invoices, preparing payments to vendors or generating inventory count data. Acumatica ERP helps companies automatically enter, collect, and organize data in real time so employees don’t have to. 

Cost Effective 

When your business becomes more efficient by streamlining operations, costs go down. With Acumatica ERP software, eCommerce companies are able to lower the costs of managing operations that support the webstore, including CRM, Order Management and Supply Chain Management. These efficiency gains lead to more profits and higher margins, giving you the return on investment you expect from a comprehensive business management solution. 

Cloud-based ERP software solutions for the eCommerce industry

Companies seeking to improve the efficiency of their business operations with adoption of an eCommerce strategy or migration from a disconnected ERP solution and webstore should look into Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is set apart from other ERP solutions because, unlike other ERP solutions, Acumatica Cloud ERP comes in industry-specific editions, including an edition purpose-built to support companies with an eCommerce strategy.

Most ERP software solutions include only features and functionalities that are universal across different industries, such as basic purchase order and invoice processing, Acumatica Cloud ERP provides much more.

If you think your eCommerce business would benefit from cloud based ERP software, Bakerfield Solutions can help! Our team specializes in cloud based ERP implementation and maintenance so you know your business is in good hands.

To learn more about Acumatica ERP for eCommerce companies or to schedule a demo, contact us today!