Five Reasons Why Your Firm’s Digital Transformation Efforts are Failing

June 28, 2021
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Five Reasons Why Your Firm’s Digital Transformation Efforts are Failing


Five Reasons Why Your Firm’s Digital Transformation Efforts are Failing

At its core, digital transformation is a simple concept. Digital transformation is the process of migrating your firm’s analog data, legacy systems, and manual processes to a single, modernized cloud-based platform. It enables you to analyze huge swaths of data in unique ways to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience.

Of course, implementing a cloud-based ERP system as part of an overall digital transformation effort is a huge undertaking. In fact, an astonishingly low 16% of executives describe their firm’s digital transformation efforts as “successful” according to research from McKinsey & Company.

Why exactly is the digital transformation success rate so low? At Bakerfield Solutions, we can think of 5 reasons.

No C-Suite Support: The success of any digital transformation effort starts at the top. A digital transformation project needs at least one true believer (ideally more) within the C-Suite continuing to cheerlead for the project and convincing their peers that it’s a crucial endeavor that will yield positive results. Without that person stepping on the accelerator, the entire project will most likely run out of steam.

Employee Ennui: Just as you need support from the top down, you also need support from the bottom up. After all, employees are going to be the ones working with the system day in and day out? If they aren’t excited and on-board for the change, then it’s going to be tough to succeed.

One way to combat this is to gather employee feedback about what features or expectations they have from the ERP system. Employees will feel valued knowing that their opinions are helping shape the larger initiative.

Another key to keeping employees engaged is frequent and transparent communication. Leadership needs to let employees know what the benefits are to the company and to them. And, repeat those messages often.

Surprise, change is hard: Another reason why it’s so challenging for firms to make the analog to digital switch is simply because we, as humans, find change hard. We’re creatures of habit and enjoy what’s familiar to us even if there are better options available.

It’s the same reason we long for our way-outdated cell phone after getting the latest model. We know the new one is better, but we’re so comfortable with the old one.

Again, leadership is key to overcoming this challenge. They need to continue to be the cheerleaders of change. In addition, ensuring that all employees are properly trained and have ongoing technical support after the switch can help increase confidence and enthusiasm among the workforce.

Refusing to go “all in.” This is kind of a continuation of number 3. Some companies may implement an ERP, but not be quite ready to “rip off the bandage” and consequently wind up running several disconnected legacy systems alongside their brand-new ERP. This can create a situation where some employees are using the legacy systems, others are using the new ERP and others toggle between the two. This can even cause more work and confusion as employees sort through conflicting and/or redundant information and can completely jeopardize the rollout of the new solution.

Under certain circumstances having your legacy systems running parallel to your new ERP for a limited period of time is fine. In order to fully retain customer and employee buy-in, there has to be a definite date and process for sun-setting the legacy system and going fully digital.

Not having the right partner: Choosing the right partner to help implement your ERP system is just as important as choosing to undergo digital transformation in the first place.


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