The Total Economic Impact Of Acumatica Study

Discover the Financial and Business Benefits of Adopting Cloud ERP

There’s no denying it: purchasing a new ERP is a major investment. Before you take the plunge, you’ll want to know the exact benefits of cloud ERP adoption in terms of dollars-and-cents.

That’s why Forrester Consulting recently interviewed 4 Acumatica customers about the their results since going live.

Get the data you’re looking for in this new study.

In this study, you’ll learn how these Acumatica customers:

  • Increased their gross margins resulting in gains of $1.3 million
  • Reallocated 50% of their IT time, saving $614,300
  • Increased sales volume by 15%, boosting revenue by $471,700
  • Eliminated legacy licensing costs for savings of $464,300
  • Enhanced operational efficiency by 45% for a $309,600 savings in labor costs

This study is packed with actual statistics on the benefits of cloud ERP adoption. Don’t build your business case without reading it!

Download it now.