WORKSHOP: Discover Your Hidden Financial Potential with the Eagle Vision Workshop

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your financial business’s growth journey? Consider this: as you advanced to your current position, you hastily developed processes and allocated funds. Now is the time to optimize your operations for enhanced efficiency, streamlining decision-making, directing your top talent towards high-value tasks, and freeing up resources to materialize your goals. Eagle Vision is all about maximizing  your time and efforts–an essential element in today’s overworked world and industry, 

In less than six weeks, utilizing our refined methodologies tailored for mid-market companies, we identify and map out process improvements, echoing the approaches of leading consulting firms but at a reduced cost.

Post-workshop, the provided report furnishes you with the knowledge, frameworks, and strategies essential to integrate Fortune 1000 strategies into your growing business, enabling you to enhance efficiency, remove bottlenecks, and steer your future growth. Such is our confidence in the process that we guarantee potential savings exceeding double the workshop cost.

What can you expect? A comprehensive program and process review, identification of critical improvement areas, and an estimate of potential savings—all encompassed in 6 to 10 weeks culminating in a 2 day workshop. 

Is the process broken down into phases? Yes, it involves a top-level review by financial and operations experts, a deep dive into cost drivers and processes, culminating in a strategic workshop to formulate the game plan, each phase building momentum for post-workshop success.

Concerned about internal buy-in? Instead of downsizing, we focus on restructuring processes and teams to unlock growth opportunities, aiding your company in accelerating growth by optimizing resources and workflows.

Worried about time commitment? We aim for minimal disruptions, coordinating smoothly with your current schedules. Post data requests, brief meetings follow the initial phases, leading up to a two-day optimization workshop.

Interested in the cost breakdown? Engagements commence at $30,000, with a fixed quote upfront. Our commitment extends to potential refunds if estimated savings from process enhancements fall short of doubling your investment, underscoring our belief in the transformative value of our approach.

Join renowned experts Bill Bailey Managing Director BaileyAdvisors LLC and Rob Carloni, Executive Vice President at Bakerfield Solutions, in their video “Discover Your Hidden Growth Drivers with Eagle Vision,” as they introduce the Eagle Vision program and Self-Assessment Tool (watch the full video here). Learn more about Eagle Vision in our blog “Discover Your Hidden Financial Potential with Our NEW Eagle Vision ROI Roadmap and Self Assessment Tool.” 

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About Bakerfield Solutions:
Bakerfield Solutions is a top partner for Planful, specializing in their Enterprise Performance Management platform. Recognized as consecutive Partner of the Year from 2021 to 2023 and a gold sponsor of Perform 2024, they bring unparalleled expertise to every project. Our team includes Sales VPs, a Practice Lead, and a Demo Expert with vast experience in dynamic planning use cases like revenue modeling, S&OP, capacity planning, and more. As a Boomi-certified partner and Trintech Adra certified implementation partner, Bakersfield Solutions excels in data integration and have completed over 50 Boomi projects. With a focus on various industries and verticals, including SaaS/Technology, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, Bakersfield Solutions also cater to diverse sectors like consumer products, media, retail, and many others. For more details, reach out to us at  or visit 

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