Plan Confidently, Close Faster, Report Accurately

As the pace of business continues to increase, companies need to be nimble so they can respond market changes and evolving business conditions. Planful provides the insight your business needs to respond quickly – along with FP&A tools needed to deliver accurate plans so you can drive your business to success.

Planful includes all of the tools that your Finance team needs to deliver accurate plans, reports, and insights – for every aspect of your business.

With Planful you can:

Close Your Books Faster with Planful

Close Your Books Faster

With Planful you can stop struggling with a manual close processes and disconnected data. Start closing with speed and confidence.

Plan Your Way with Planful

Plan Your Way

Plan, budget, and forecast as you like with integrated data to avoid duplication. Bring the business into the fold to make better decisions while Finance retains control.

Accelerate Reporting with Planful

Accelerate Reporting

Seamless reporting with tailored insights for all.

Integrate Everything with Planful

Integrate Anything

No more disconnected systems and scattered spreadsheets. Connect your data with flexible, transparent, and always-on data integrations.

How Planful Brings Value to Your Business

Make Critical Business Decisions Faster with a Finance-Owned Platform

Planful dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of closing the books so you can move on with confidence and get home on time. With automated account reconciliation, intercompany eliminations, foreign currency translations, and journal entry adjustments for multi-ownership structures, Planful streamlines your close and consolidation process, no matter how unique.

Reduce risk and streamline reporting every month.

Make Key Decisions Faster with Planful
Plan with Flexibility and Control with Planful

Plan with Flexibility and Control — You Can Have It All

Planful brings automation and collaboration to your work by aligning corporate strategy to business execution. Take advantage of pre-built templates, managed workflows, and intuitive collaboration to enhance every conversation and focus on your most urgent business needs.

Prepare your business for growth and continued success.

Unlock Financial Visibility With a Centralized Source of Truth

Planful dramatically increases the speed and visibility of financial and management reporting so you can keep leadership informed and quickly investigate trends. Free up your time and put interactive ad hoc reports and dashboards to work with automated distribution and self-service access.

Empower your business partners to get more insights and take faster action.

Unlock Financial Visibility with Planful

Solutions Designed to Tackle Uncertainty and Achieve Growth

Planful is everything finance needs to quickly deliver accurate plans, reports, and insights to every corner of the business.

Align with your strategy, plan with speed and agility.

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting with Planful

Define the company blueprint for the year

Annual Operating Plans with Planful

Build the workforce you need to win

Workforce Planning with Planful

Explore every option, ready to pivot at a moment’s notice

Scenario Analysis with Planful

Automate your monthly close process.

Financial Close Management with Planful

Centralize data, reduce risk, and report faster.

Financial Consolidation with Planful

Deliver key financial insights

Financial Reporting with Planful

Optimize cash, manage short term, invest in the long term.

Cash Flow Forecasting with Planful

Build a plan that adapts as your business changes.

Rolling Forecasts with Planful

Ready to Streamline Accounting and Finance from Start-to-Finish?

Contact us today and learn how can accelerate your access to actuals, create insightful reports, streamline analysis, and better manage financial and operational planning.

What is Continuous Planning?

The Ultimate Guide to Continuous Planning

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