Acumatica Cloud ERP

Transform your Business and Adapt at Market Speed

Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to meet the needs of today’s manufacturing, distribution, and commerce businesses. With a complete suite of tools for small and mid-sized companies, Acumatica provides what you need to manage your business today and in the future.

Acumatica is a true cloud ERP, so your team can access business management tools and business information anytime, anywhere ensuring business continuity.

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides a complete suite of fully integrated tools to manage your business. Acumatica was born in the cloud, so your team can access business management tools from anywhere, at any time, and from nearly any web-enabled device, ensuring business continuity. What’s more, with access to customer and operational information in real-time, your team has the information needed to make better business decisions – faster.

Acumatica offers solutions tailored specifically for your industry and it makes it easy to further customize your solution with rapid integrations to industry-leading solutions. Additionally, Acumatica provides a growth-friendly license model and a modern technology stack so you can focus on growing your business without increasing costs.

Transform Your Business with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Connected Business

Connected Business

Built for mobile and telework scenarios and easily integrated with the collaboration tools of your choice.

Acumatica Rapid Integrations

Rapid Integrations

Open APIs ensure rapid integration of collaboration tools, video conferencing solutions, and business apps.

Acumatica Remote Collaboration

Remote Collaboration

Access your business information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Acumatica Business Resilience

Business Resilience

Get high availability, frequent backups, and multiple data storage locations provide protection against any disaster.

Acumatica Future Proof

Future Proof

Your company will be prepared for the future in a mobile-first, telework structure that ensures operational continuity and business resilience.

ERP Solutions Designed Specifically for Your Industry

Solutions Designed to Manage Your Business - The Way You Do Business

Financial Management

Get real-time insights and total control of your bottom line, across multiple entities, lines of business, currencies, and countries.

Multi-Entity & Intercompany Accounting

Streamline accounting and reporting across multiple entities, and dramatically reduce errors and inaccuracies in financial statements.

Project Accounting

Manage budgeting, inventory, change orders, time sheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives. Projects are included in company-wide financial reports with full multi-currency support.

Customer Management

Empower your sales, service, and marketing teams with real-time visibility, seamless processes, and business insights at their fingertips—so they can wow customers and deliver results.

Payroll Management

Reduce staffing costs and increase accuracy with a complete payroll management solution for your entire company.

Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analysis

Gain greater insights into your organization and accelerate decision making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of your business through personalized dashboards, so you can analyze trends in real time.

Inventory Management

Simplify your inventory processes with flexible item management, quality traceability, and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand. Optimize stocking levels to avoid rush orders and stock-out situations with increased inventory turns and lower carrying costs.

Warehouse Management System

Streamline warehouse operations and transactions to reduce errors, automate processes, and increase productivity.

Order Management

An integrated order management solution empowers companies that don’t carry inventory to streamline processes and get the visibility they need to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Commerce Connectors

Acumatica’s native integrations with Amazon, BigCommerce, and Shopify enable you to connect your eCommerce storefront with Acumatica’s financials, inventory, product information, and fulfillment—in real time.

Point of Sale

Manage point of sale transactions with a mobile-friendly, touch screen compatible application with connectivity to cash registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and credit card terminals.

Construction Management

Total visibility drives better profitability. Acumatica’s construction accounting software solution gives you a complete, real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere.

Manufacturing Management

Get real-time insights and end-to-end control of your production and your financials, so you can drive efficiency and grow your business.

Service Management

Maximize dispatching and boost revenue by scheduling the right people at the right time, and see real-time data for work taking place in the field.

Why Partner with Bakerfield Solutions to Manage Your Business?

Single Data Model, Flexible Deployments, Streamlined Integrations

Shared data and cross-team workflows make collaboration seamless, and AI-powered automation drives efficiency. Acumatica is ranked highest in user experience and usability, which makes it easy to drive adoption and collaboration across your company. Integrating other tools and software is easy—either through the broad Acumatica Marketplace or developer-friendly custom integrations.

Acumatica Future Proof Platform
Acumatica Provides Best In Class Functionality

Best in Class Business and Industry Functionality

Acumatica is tailor-made for midmarket growth businesses and enterprise branch offices. Intuitive tools give you one solution to run your entire business, delivering automation without complexity, compliance without rigidity, continuous improvement without unpredictability. All your data is connected and at your fingertips, with no irrelevant functionality or inflexible processes to bog you down.

Ethical Business Practices

Customers are our most important assets and we are committed to their success. Our licensing model, data policies, and support mechanisms are designed to meet the needs of customers, not shareholders, and are unrivaled in the industry.

Acumatica Ethical Business Practices

Ready to Digitally Transform your Business Operations and Adapt at Market Speed?

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The Total Economic Impact of Acumatica

The Total Economic Impact of Acumatica

Choosing to invest in a cloud ERP like Acumatica can provide amazing benefits, including boosted profits, reduced costs, increased productivity, and continued growth. Check out this Forrester study and to learn more.